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Assessment & Taxation

The Village of Clinton contracts its assessment services out to Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc.  If you have any assessment questions, please contact Associated Appraisal Consultants, Inc. at 1-920-749-1995

Assesment Services

The assessor is responsible for holding an OPEN BOOK, which is an opportunity for citizens to review their own as well as assessments for any property in the village.

Following OPEN BOOK is the BOARD OF REVIEW (BOR), which is the final opportunity for individuals to object to their property assessment.  At the BOR the assessor provides testimony to the BOARD regarding the validity of the assessment made.

Objection to Assessment

Property owners have two ways to object to the assessment made upon their property.  The first is to attend open book, where they have an opportunity to review their assessment as well as the assessed value of any property in the village.  The second is to go before the Board of Review and present evidence as to the perceived assessed value of the property.

At Open Book, the assessor is available to answer any questions or comments and has the authority to amend the assessed value based upon information received at open book.  Following Open Book, the assessor prepares the final assessment roll, which is then turned over to the Village. 

Once the final roll is set, a property owner may contest an assessment at the Board of Review.  The Board of Review is a quasi-judicial board, which hears evidence from the both the property owner and the assessor, then makes a ruling based upon the evidence provided.  Following Board of Review's final adjournment the assessed values are set for the year.

Lottery Credit

Home owners may be eligible for a lottery credit on their PRIMARY residence if they lived in the home as of January 1st of the preceding year.  If you owned and lived in your home as of January 1st of the prior year, and do not have a lottery credit on your tax bill, please contact the County Clerk's Office.


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